The “Best” Anti-Ageing Skincare

I’m going to disappoint you right now and tell you a secret: there’s no such thing as a non-prescription skincare cream that will reverse the premature signs of ageingĀ (such as fine lines, wrinkles, “age” spots). The cosmetics industry can make claims such as “reduce the appearance of” the signs of ageing–because it’s a very vague… Continue reading The “Best” Anti-Ageing Skincare

What is this Blog About?

As a former trained make-up artist and cosmetician, avid make-up and skincare junkie and lover of the written word, I’m writing this blog out of sheer interest and frustration. Over the years, I’ve seen make-up and skincare trends come and go, and come back again, but one thing in particular has me disturbed: the overtly… Continue reading What is this Blog About?