What Makes or Breaks an Outfit?

                “Art of the In Between” exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, May 1, 2017. Getty images. WHY THESE LOOKS WORK I scrolled through 106 images twice and picked out the pics of all the outfits that really spoke to me on multiple levels.… Continue reading What Makes or Breaks an Outfit?

The “Best” Anti-Ageing Skincare

I’m going to disappoint you right now and tell you a secret: there’s no such thing as a non-prescription skincare cream that will reverse the premature signs of ageingĀ (such as fine lines, wrinkles, “age” spots). The cosmetics industry can make claims such as “reduce the appearance of” the signs of ageing–because it’s a very vague… Continue reading The “Best” Anti-Ageing Skincare